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February 6, 2015
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Photography Tips

In the blog posts on this site I will talk a little about different topics in photography. Get sneak peaks into the life of a photographer as well. Accordingly, I will have tips, tricks, and little hints on photography and photo shoots. I will also share some photo shoots and how the various shoots work. Keep watching for updates on wedding, photo shoot, modeling tips and tricks, and reviews on camera equipment.

Photography #Goals

My goal with this blog is to prepare people for their shoots or big days. I have learned a lot from different shoots which I want to share and apply that to future shoots! Now, a bride mentioned during a consultation that she needed our opinion on some things because.. well.. she doesn’t have weddings often. That is exactly why we want to share our insights with you. Photography is a constant in our lives. Pictures are what we do every day and think about almost 24/7 (seriously.. sometimes I dream about shoots).

So, we developed things that work well and things that do not. Hopefully, some of these things will help some of you. We know some are concerned about never doing a photo shoot. Some want to know what we photographers do during events. Others want their big day to go off without a hitch. Well, this blog is for you!

What do you mean, Tyanna?!

For example, a bride might not know to wear something cute while getting ready for her big day. Wearing something cute and having bridesmaids wearing something cute is part of the fun. This also helps when you look back on pictures so that the different or old clothes don’t distract. Additionally, more tips like this can be found in our blog Wedding Day | Do’s & Don’ts! A generic photo shoot tip for my ladies would be to always try to turn your body at a 45° angle. You want the arm furthest away from the camera behind your back and the other off the side of your body. This makes you look slimmer and your shoulders don’t look as broad.

For men, pretty much do the opposite because broad shoulders make a man look.. well, manlier. A great place to find examples of pictures are on Pinterest, which I love to see the ideas you save because it gives me an idea of your style. I will use that to direct you in many blog posts!

Now, instead of giving away all of my tips in the first post, how about we make a deal and you just keep coming back to see if there are any new tips okay? Okay! 😉 

Much love,