Wedding Prep | Do’s & Don’t’s

April 22, 2020
Wedding on the beach

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Before we get further into this post, I want to mention that I am not an expert on wedding prep. I’m not even married, actually. I have, however, been to many many weddings. Some of the things that I’m going to share are things I have seen other bride’s say that they wish they did different. Other things are things that made the wedding photos difficult or not as pretty. Now, it is probably safe to say that, for most people, this is your first time getting married. Accordingly, if you are looking at this post, I’m sure you need help because you haven’t had to orchestrate a wedding before. Disclaimer: Everything that I mention in this post are only suggestions from things that I noticed would have made the day easier.

Where do I Start!?

First thing’s first, breathe. The day is about your soon-to-be spouse and you; if it doesn’t run exactly how you expected, people won’t know and it will still be beautiful. A lot of my brides have been so stressed out that they couldn’t enjoy the fun of getting ready with their closest friends. When it got closer to ceremony time, they said, “I’m just not going to stress about it anymore, this day is about having fun.” I had a couple brides who took the time to relax and not stress about the timeframe and other people; they embraced every aspect of the day. So, now that you breathed, let’s go, go, go! 😉

Wedding Prep – What am I doing?

There is definitely a lot to think about in the wedding prep stage. Often, as you plan out the day, you can get an idea of the order and time that things take through the DJ, a wedding planner, or your photographer. These people have done weddings so often that this question is a no brainer.


Don’t be afraid to make your timeframe your own. I have seen so many different kinds of weddings that are unique to the couple. There are things that you will have to make your own but the people mentioned above can give you a basic outline. So, on to the tips!

  • Scheduled pictures before or after ceremony?
    Some people are traditional and don’t want to see their spouse before the ceremony. Schedule pictures after the ceremony. Others don’t mind and want to go straight into the reception. Schedule pictures before the ceremony so that wedding party and bride/groom pictures are done.
  • You’re all on the same page
    You will also have to think about when you will take photos with family. Make sure that everyone who needs to be in the pictures is aware of these plans!! There’s nothing like getting ready for family photos and aunt Kathy already went to get a drink.
  • Find a conductor
    No, I don’t mean for an orchestra or train. What I mean is to have someone who is not part of the family/wedding party photos grab family members. This, along with a list of what order you want the family photos done in, will save time. Not to mention, no family member will be missed. We don’t know your family members and you can’t really leave in the middle of photos.
  • Know when your photographer leaves
    Make sure that you are aware of what time you booked your photographer for and that your reception runs on time. You don’t want to lose your photographer for those special memories! I had a friend whose photographer left before almost the whole reception and refused to stay. He called me up freaking out and asked if I would take the reception photos.

Now that you know what to expect for wedding prep, take a look at Getting Ready | Wedding Tips 🥰