Hair, Makeup… Brain ?

One of the biggest things with getting ready for your wedding is to know your time. It’s hard to know how much time everything will take on the day of the wedding and it’s even harder to coordinate so many people. I typically show up 2.5 to 3 hours before the ceremony to give ample time for detail shots. This shifts from bride to bride because some are more concerned with having me after the ceremony than for detail shots. If you’d like our full service, however, this time allows me enough time to get shots of all the small things that make the day special along with the setup before anyone gets there. A lot of brides will have me take bridesmaids photos before pictures later along with several other getting ready aspects. Let’s talk about all of those!


The details during bridal getting ready photos are typically both rings and engagement ring, shoes, veil, jewelry, bouquets, and anything special. Something I like brides to consider is to consider is to have an invitation to include in detail shots. This brings them back to the whole experience of the big day. Something helpful for me is when brides have all of these little details (along with the dress) in one area. If everything is in one place, I don’t have to bother you or your bridesmaids to find stuff while you’re trying to get ready. I also recommend finding a cute hanger for the dress as many brides regret the plastic ones they had in their dress photos. Once I shoot everything that I need to here, I am able to move onto other important photos.

Getting Ready Photos with the Girls

Detail photos are extremely important but those are a lot easier to continue getting ready while I do my thing. Something that is really special for brides is getting enough time with their ladies as well. Often, photos that brides want posed with the girls are with mimosas in cute robes before everyone is dressed. There are also photos in the dresses and helping the bride into hers. I’ve found that brides should think about what they want bridesmaids in during this. If bridesmaids should already be dressed for helping the bride into hers, the maid of honor should communicate this. Ultimately, this takes pressure off the bride to know what everyone else is doing. The bride can relax as she finishes and the bridesmaids do their thing. This all should give plenty of time to get the bride stepping into her dress, bridesmaids photos, and time for the first look if there is one.

The First Look

This Bridal getting ready tip is mainly for the non-traditional brides who want to have a special, intimate moment. Typically, grooms see brides for the first time walking down the aisle but there is a new trend. Brides and grooms will take a special moment to capture and treasure that first look in a moment to themselves. If this is something you would like to know, make sure you work this into your time. The photos should only take about 15 minutes but it is up to you if you’d like to say a prayer or extend that special time. This will be done at the very end of getting ready and the wedding party can prepare for the ceremony. Please bring this up to me or your photographer to discuss how this will work. There are so many cute ideas for first looks!

Bridal Getting Ready Isn’t so Bad!

I know there is a lot to this and a lot to think about on top of everything else in a wedding. You’re not alone though and any photographer would be happy to iron out details with you. Figure out what your most important photos are and share them with your photographer. We can come up with a plan so that everything goes smoothly. Our goals as photographers is to capture everything that is going to make that day special. When we know you and your style well enough, we will be able to make this day easier. We are also able to make this more of an experience rather than simply photos. If you’d like to see more examples of these types of photos, check out my portfolio:

Much love! – T 🤍