Traveling Wedding Photographer? What does that cost?!

What do you think about when you think of a traveling wedding photographer? First thing you think about is probably the fact that photography already costs you an arm and a leg, then you have to add travel costs?

This means that I need to sacrifice something else for my wedding so that I can have the photographer that I want. If there are perfectly qualified photographers where I live, why choose someone from out of town? They don’t even know the area! Is style really that important for choosing between a local and traveling photographer? There are dozens of questions that will fly through your mind along with veils and dresses and ties and more. It’s no surprise if all these make a tangled mess when you add one more thing to the mix. Here are some helpful thoughts, though, as you decide on the photography choice that will best capture one of your most memorable and captivating days.

Choosing Wisely

Just because you pay for travel and lodging, it doesn’t mean that you will be paying way more for a photographer. If you choose wisely, you can find a photographer from another area whose prices are cheaper. If this photographer’s prices are cheaper, the cost for travel and lodging can equal or beat the price of locals. Additionally, when you think of your wedding photos, you want to think about what is most important. Are photos that special to pay for quality? Can a traveling wedding photographer give you that special look to capture your memories? If price is not a concern or you don’t mind paying more, an outsider can do more for you.

Fresh Views

A lot of photographers can succumb to monotony with the same locations. I have fallen victim to this as I shoot in the same places so many times. These places lose their uniqueness and you go to what you’re comfortable with. When photographers go somewhere new, it’s exciting! They see all the new views and what they can do with brides and grooms. There are techniques and ideas that they might pull from their area into your photos. This can completely transform your photos into something new and exciting that is different from other weddings. When I travel for weddings, I instantly begin scouting and try to find the most unique and fun places for photos. After the wedding, I might look to see what other [local] photographers have taken there. I tend to find mine are vastly different, though I still love what other photographers took as well.

Take Your Photographer

Sometimes traveling wedding photographers aren’t hiring someone from somewhere else but taking yours on a destination wedding. This not only incorporates the first two points but you also have someone you are comfortable with. If you have already done engagement photos with a photographer and you know you like their style, take them! You’ve gotten used to how the photographer directs you and it will make the day go by a lot faster and easier. Your photographer has also been with you through the process and can specialize the photos for your relationship. He/she will use that fresh perspective on the area and make it something special for you two. I have traveled where my clients asked me to go and I can’t express how great the experience was! You can view more here.


Much love! – T 🤍