What is so Important about Choosing a Photography Location?

There are so many other aspects to planning a session that a location might not seem important. Choosing a photography location can really personalize your photo session though. I’ve had clients leave that choice to me but I can’t personalize it to your tastes. Lake Havasu has some beautiful locations that I am not bias about. Clients, however, can look at locations with a critical eye. When clients see location choices, they can determine whether the look will go with the look of their house or their taste in photos. Often, clients don’t realize they don’t like a location as much as another until after they receive the photos. Thus, I wanted to give my clients an easy way to deduce the best location for their photo session.

So how do I choose?

There is no right or wrong answer to choosing a photography location. This, honestly, is completely personal preference and the reason that I can’t choose it for you. Below, there are links to other blog posts with locations that I have shot before. I have included the pros and cons to these locations along with photos and maps. The easiest way to choose the best for you and/or your family is to imagine the style of your house or the “vibe” of your family or session idea. You can think of your hobbies such as off-roading, boating, going to the park, etc. I’ve found families enjoy incorporating that scenery into family photos or personal photos. Further, if you want multiple locations or a smaller location there are some more factors to take into account.

Location Type

Choosing a location type is how you can pull together the vibe for your photos. There are urban areas, desert, greenery, etc. and different looks for each location. You will want to keep your outfit choices in mind for each location as well. To pull a photo together, you can match the look/vibe of your outfit(s) with your photography location. If your style is edgy, you might want to consider an urban look. If you want multiple looks, you can choose a smaller location and do a couple locations. This might cut down on shooting time but if you choose wisely, you can make the most out of your session.


I include in the blog posts about photography locations the size of each location. Each location can be smaller if they are considered large but some locations are small and will not have many options. The way that I have concluded the size of these photography locations is how many spots there are to take photos and if there are options for sitting and standing. Desert locations are typically going to be smaller locations because there is not much sitting or other options unless you bring a bench and/or props. Any of these locations can be bulked up with props and other things to add into the photos as well. Just as some locations are bigger and smaller, there are some places that have tricky spots. This is where difficulty comes into the equation.


Most locations are very accessible and easy even if they are labeled as mediocre or difficult. I list the difficulty mainly for clients/potential clients who might have special instances that they wish they knew beforehand. Some families might have elderly and/or young kids where going up a hill, walking through rocks, or being on a cliff might be concerning. These are all factors that might help make the decision as to which location you might choose aside from the look of the photography location. If you would like to switch up looks or do smaller locations, I cannot express how important time will be!


We are typically racing sunlight! As a photographer, I always say that I am either waiting for the sun or racing it. With most photo sessions leading right up until sunset, time management is extremely important. Even if a client would like to pay extra for more time, if we lose sun we won’t be able to get quality photos. Thus, deciding beforehand which locations you want to do is essential to planning your session. If you want multiple locations, my professional opinion is to tell your photographer what is most important to you. Share your “vibe” or ideas about what you want and what you liked from portfolio photos. If you liked a certain spot in a location, tell your photographer that it is most important to have that area. This helps us know what you’re envisioning and want from your session.

Drive Time

Likewise, think about drive time! If the locations are 15 to 20 minutes apart, you lose that time in shooting. It’s completely the client’s discretion but we want to see you get the most from your session as possible. Drive time makes a difference in how much we shoot in each location as well. This makes it extremely important to understand the key aspects to my clients ideal session so that I don’t miss anything rushing to the next location. Changing clothes can affect this even more as we will have to cut out time for that depending on where you want each change of clothes.

Have Fun with It!

Choosing a Photography Location should ultimately be fun! There are a lot of different choices and different things to think about but it should be fun because it’s personalized to you and/or your family. Think of it like choosing what to do with your hair or nails or to add to a vehicle. There is nothing to stress about because it is completely what you want to do for you. Additionally, you want to make the most educated decision which is what I am here for! These things are all helpful in deciding what you want but are not restrained to personalizing your session. Have fun with creating your session and make it an experience! ☺️

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