Location Type: Urban | Size: Small-Medium | Difficulty: Easy

Say Hello to the English Village

Some imagine tourists when they think about the English Village but this location has so many options for your photos! This location can gather a lot of people but there are enough backdrops that keeps photos secluded. My favorite part of the English Village is that I can shoot with the fountain, London Bridge, brick, and stairs. These different textures really give variety throughout the shoot and you get some photos with the iconic London Bridge! (Yes, it is actually from London!)

Pros & Cons

One con, I already mentioned, as this location can gather a lot of people. Too many people will be at this location in popular times such as spring break or Christmas. I heavily recommend that you choose this location wisely because of that. Further, if greenery or beach is not your style, this locations has a very urban style. Nothing in this area is difficult to walk to and, physically, the flat paved ground is perfect for elderly or anyone with an injury. Another benefit in this location is that animals are allowed, so those fun pet pictures are super cute down there!