Location Type: Park/Beach | Size: Large | Difficulty: Easy

What is at Rotary Park?

Rotary Park is a classic but it is a good location for taking photos. Although some people consider this location to be “overdone” or too simple, you can’t beat the beautiful greenery and beach. The best attributes of this location are it’s vast greenery and different options for backdrops. The pathways create gorgeous perspective photos and the short trees are perfect to climb in. There are several different levels along the way through the park that makes photos POP as well! One of my favorite parts of this location is perfect the beach looks at sunset. I have had comments about Rotary Park looking like a beach in California. This and the water/lake is ideal for sunset photos as the water reflects the sunset with beauty and grace.

Perks of This Location

My perspective as a photographer, the colors within the park create such interest in photos and compliment almost all skin tones. Additionally, the grass, trees, and beach provide more options for poses. Clients will sit in the grass with or without a blanket which I love because families/couples cuddle together for a very connected portrait. Trees, however, are perfect for you to sit in or lean against to switch up the pose more. Further, the beach has the same option for sitting together and watching the sunset with your loved ones.