Location Type: Desert | Size: Small/Short | Difficulty: Easy

Why Choose Sara Park?

This location is a little bare but totally worth it. Sara Park is near a hiking trail head on a long back stretch of road. Vast desert fills the scenery leaving this photography location simplistic. The key feature of this location, however, is the long stretch of road that goes into stunning desert mountains. My favorite part of this location is to take pictures directly in the middle of the road and let the lines from the road frame and accent subjects. There are other spots in this location such as the trail head area and other empty desert areas. Additionally, clients have a couple unique options for photos in this area.

Pros & Cons of This Location

The most risky part of this location is walking in rocks and standing in the middle of the road. Now, I am not some crazy daredevil risking lives over here. This road is desolate and very few cars drive this road. When there is a car, it is very easy to see and move before it gets too close. If this is not an option that you want but still want pictures on the side, I want you to feel comfortable. The photo shoot is supposed to be fun and memorable (not dangerous memorable lol), so we will only do what you’re comfortable with. Additionally, Sara Park can be prop-dependent. Since there are no trees nor much variety out there, this spot must be a small location or try to take props with you. This, however, is perfect for seniors or families that want photos with vehicles.